Color is Definitely In: Mixing Up Your Home Decor this Fall

While we saw a lot of whites and faux metallic trending in the previous months, it looks like earth tones and natural materials will make a comeback in your homes just in time for fall.

Home Decor Fall Season Trends

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According to stylists and interior designers, we’ll be seeing darker tones, woven materials and classic looking pieces taking over the trend this season. The home decor trend this fall is all about keeping warmth in your home through these color choices and classic pieces and making your home a refuge from everyday stress during this outdoor season.

Aside from a change in color and pieces of furniture, an up-and-coming trend this fall is the shift to unplugged relaxation spots in their homes. With almost everything connected online in this Internet age, people are now turning the intimate spaces of their homes into device-free sanctuaries. To make your own little unplugged sanctuary at home, you can add a few items such as a comfortable chair, a hammock, soft blankets or even some pillows to make that intimate space more comfortable when you’re planning to go offline from the world for a while.

Mixing up your home decor for the season might sound a little expensive, home improvement doesn’t really have to be a financial burden. So if you’re on a tight budget, adding in some small pieces could already make a big difference.

So if you’re planning to set up your own unplugged sanctuary at home or if you’re just looking to change up your home decor just in time for fall, here are some pieces that we think could make your home a whole lot warmer and cozier regardless of what budget you are in:

Beautiful Embroidered Back Cushion Throw Pillow

Adding in more throw pillows to your living room or bedroom will surely make your home a little warmer and cozier. This Beautiful Embroidered Back Cushion Throw Pillow will surely give you that earth tone accent that you need to add to your rooms.

Designer Tree Pillow Case

Earthy tones are one thing, but earth-friendly materials give those pieces a definite plus. This Designer Tree Pillow Case is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and is available in several designs. Trade in your plain everyday pillow cases for these nature-inspired pieces and spice up your retreat areas at home.

Succulent Pillow Cases

What could be earthier other than our Succulent Pillow Cases? Our pillow cases are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and are available in several succulent cacti and desert flower designs. Simple and subtle, this could be a great addition to your living room or your quiet little reading nook in the corner.

As we prepare for the upcoming winter months ahead, making your home a little more warmer than the usual will be a nice change for the season. So if you’re looking for items and pieces that will nicely go with your personal style, always check out our Home Decor section.