Valentine's Day Bedroom Decor in 3 Easy Steps

Boho chic is all the rave these days and you can see this not just in summertime or at Coachella but even during events on Valentine's Day. You can go out with your friends or on a date with a certain special someone wearing that long skirt you love along with layers of necklaces plus an oversized tan hat and some really cool round glasses. Actually, any day of the year you can flaunt your boho chic style through your clothing choices. But did you know that you can also showcase your boho chic through your home decor? Boho signifies free-flowing spirit of the mind and peacefulness from within. This can be very beneficial to your peace of mind if you want an alluring home that shows good art patterns but sends off a positive energy as soon as you walk into your room from a stressful day’s work.

Although you can decorate your entire home with bohemian focused items, where else better to show some boho love than in the comfort of your bedroom? Here are 3 easy steps to incorporate boho style to your room just in time for Valentine's Day:

  1. Get creative with wall decals or tapestries

By placing beautiful wall designs that show your boho chic on as big of a canvas as your wall, you are immediately transported into a place of serenity. Take it up a notch with these boho elephant wall art decals and tapestries that you can easily install:

Elephant Boho Home Wall Art

Bright Elephant or Tree Tapestry

Or if you are into the balance of things like the sun, moon and nature, here are unique wall decals you can consider:

Sun And Moon Wall Decal Art

Glow In The Dark Moon And Stars

Bohemian Mandala Tapestry - Lotus Flower

  1. Rest easy with soft beddings

Invite your tired and weary soul into a safe haven that is as warm as a loving embrace with these bedding ideas:

Lightweight BOHO Sun Moon and Stars Duvet Cover Set

Bohemia 3D Bedding Set Duvet Cover Set

  1. Accessorize to your heart's desire with pillows, rugs and canopies

You can never go wrong with boho chic accessories to add more character to your space. Throw pillows with adorable and peaceful boho elephant designs are great attention-grabbers especially when mixed in with basic yet posh and flirty pillows. Play around with the colors and designs like these beauties:

Elephant Pillow Case

Soft Plush Pillow Case Accent Pillow

Rugs are essential in getting that bohemian vibe going on, so pick any mandala designed rug and place at the foot of your bed or at the center of the room floor. It will also serve as a good hangout while you enjoy a book or just the company of friends and family members.

Boho Mandala Chiffon Beach Towels or Swimsuit Cover - Tapestry

Happy Mandala Tapestry

Canopies add an instant posh vibe to any bed. The overall look will give a sense of elegance but the colors will add a flirty and fun side to the whole décor. Even if your beddings have prints, a plain colored canopy will add that extra oompft to your nest.

Boho Luxury Mosquito Net Curtain Bedding

Remember: let your free spirit guide you in decorating your bedroom this V-day to get that bohemian chic vibe flowing from your core to your fingertips all the way to your safe haven.