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Gold Man Exclusive Art Piece

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With our Bohemian lifestyle, we are traveling and seeing amazing Art pieces that we exclusively sell online here at Roots And Sticks to anyone anywhere in the world. We love the exceptional Art we have found in Belize  as they have amazing talent within local Artists which we are now featuring in our Roots Bohemian Art Gallery!

Thank you for supporting Artists who have amazing talent.  We are listing a mixture of Indigenous and World Art Pieces here at Roots and Sticks.

Pieces are sold exclusively at Roots And Sticks Bohemian Art delivered to your doorstep!  

Pick your favorite piece or pieces and add to cart and we will ship Internationally via DHL. Shipping of exclusive Art can be only sent via DHL at this time. See our Delivery page for the list of countries we can ship to currently.  If the country is not in the list, please contact customer service for more information.