Natural Stone Boho-Vintage Bracelet Set - Roots and Sticks

Natural Stone Boho-Vintage Bracelet Set

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Natural Vintage Stone Bracelet Set made of Jasper, Lava Beads, and Aventurine genuine stone beads.   

All Bracelets are Handmade and they are crafted with Love & Positive Vibes for the boho-chic in you! Shop online today!


Natural Stone Boho-Vintage Bracelet Set Details:

It is believed that these stone help with healing. 

Aventurine - Protects the heart and attracts love - Lucky stone to attract both success and abundance - Releases negativity and energy blockages - Helps to heal the lungs, heart, and liver.

Lava Stones - Calms emotions - Grounds the wearer - Creates a deep connection to mother earth.

Jasper - Helps to remove the blockages so we can move forward in our lives with confidence - Removes creative blocks - Helps to remove the fear we experience daily, improve our immune system and strengthen our bones

Please check the photo on how to find the perfect size!

Made in the USA!